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Florida Moving and Storage, knows about moving. In fact, we are the experts in Florida. Let us handle everything, and sit back & relax. With over 25 standard Florida destinations, we can move your home or office with great efficiency and at a great price. Moving with Florida? Call one of our moving experts for the right advice on what you need. We know our way around florida, from Tallahassee to Key West. Knowing the best route, and most cost effective way around the great state of Florida, Miami Moving has you covered in every county:

Everyone wants reliable movers in Miami, good movers, great moving companies, professional movers or they need a Florida Moving Speicalist. Whether its Moving in Miami or Storage we know that you want your move to be a hassle free. We take every step to make sure that your move is to our highest standards, and those standards of State and County Consumer Affairs. This insures not only an easy move but a stress free move for you and your family.

Call one of our moving experts for information or a FREE in home estimate...or fill out our easy quote request form and we'll get back to you promptly to start your move today. Go with the Florida Moving Experts!

Experienced People

A van line brings experience. Although your move is unique, other movers have faced many of the same needs. A large van line has dealt with almost every type of home-moving challenge imaginable. They are more experienced in custom packing and crating services. Van line experts know first hand what you are going through and how to make the transition easier for you.

Work Efficiency

Florida Moving and Storage approaches moving a home with an attitude of efficiency. It must operate with minimal wasted time to be profitable. With years of doing this kind of work for many different families, professional van lines have refined a systematic approach. No one can more efficiently pack, load, transport, unpack and unload household goods.

Our company responsible for its own equipment and brings everything you will need for moving your home. This includes a safe, clean, well-maintained truck; dollies; lifts; cartons, padding, and wrapping; in fact, anything necessary to ensure safe packing, loading and transport.

Ethical Reputation

Most major van lines are reputable. Unfortunately, some movers are less than reputable. How can you know the difference before you engage a company for home moving?

Of course, it's advisable to get references from people you know and trust. But that isn't always possible. So the industry has established a means for your assurance. A few moving tips if your not sure what a move like yours would cost start by getting three estimates to determine the median price from qualified movers. You should also know what their priorities are. If you hire a mover based solely on the cheapest price, you may be sacrificing other aspects that are really important, such as if the move is delivered on time or qualifty of service.